What We Do

Our mission is to sustainably illuminate the lives of writers, readers, and their communities.

We also, yes, make candles.

Though they may feel secondary to our mission, every one of our candles is hand-poured with heart right in our home, and we send them, along with the sense of community they imbue, directly to your door.

It’s wonderful, really, to think what one creates in the quiet moments can have such an impact on a room, on a person, on a life.

But you’re a writer. That’s a feeling you’re already familiar with; you gift it to others with every word you share.

Now’s the time to gift yourself that feeling, too.

Shining Bright

LOVE these candles. They burn nice and even, and the wicks stay in great shape. 10/10!


Heavenly… romantic and dreamy and the perfect scent for a fairy tale ending.


Lovelovelove… burns with a clear, steady flame and set the mood better than I’d hoped it would.


Really pleasant! The scents are strong enough to be present without becoming overwhelming.

Mary Anne

… a scrumptious treat for the senses. So grateful for KYD Candle Co.!


These candles burn really well and the mix of scents is ๐Ÿ™Œ! I really like them.


I was nervous about purchasing a candle online, [but] this candle smells AMAZING… a fantastic blend.


Rage against the dying of the light.

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