Our Team

Team is one word for it, but, truth be told, Kill Your Darlings Candle Company is more than a team; it’s a family.

Learn more about who’s behind our mission to shine sustainability with community and creativity in mind.

Lacey Struensee

Co-founder and Chief Candlecrafter

Lacey is a joyful spirit with a love of nature—especially owls—and a keen sense for craft. Whether knitting, cross-stitching, coloring, or candle making, she takes a hands on approach to caring for all she touches.

Email her here.

Ryan (R.R.) Campbell

Co-founder and Operations Engineer

Perhaps better known by his pen name, Ryan is an International Book Awards finalist, a podcaster, and a writing instructor. When he’s not writing, he’s pining to play D&D or conjuring writerly names for Lacey’s candles.

Email him here.

Hashtag and Rhaegar

Makers of Mischief

Hashtag (left) fancies herself a princess, though if she has a royal title, we’ve never seen it. Rhaegar (right) is a rascally—but lovable—ball of fur.

The two of them like to lurk when candle making is nigh, but their toe beans (and general health and safety precautions) prevent them from truly taking part.

We love them anyway.

Our Candles. Your Story.

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