Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Respect.

Our four-pronged approach to sustainability seeps into every aspect of our operations.


We minimize waste.

Once wicks are trimmed to the appropriate length for each candle, we use the remaining wick in future batches.

Our shipping materials are 100% post-consumer, biodegradable, and custom fit. This means no packing peanuts, no unnecessary cardboard, and no plastic filler arrives with your candles.

Our raw material suppliers also use green shipping and packaging practices. In other words, our supply chain is evergreen, mindful of mother nature from start to finish.

By using aluminum and tin lids, we further reduce the use of plastic.

Every one of our candles is hand-poured at home. We use no unnecessary equipment or power-consuming automation.

We offer in-person pickup to eliminate shipping whenever possible.


Much like a good book, we want our resourcefulness to be endless.

Our glass jars can be reused. Once your candle has reached the end of its natural life, freeze the container for an hour. The remaining wax can then be cleared from its receptacle, which can be upcycled as you see fit.

Our wax is soy, and our wicks are cottonโ€”both of which are renewable resources.

We use glass pipettes during scent testing and candle production. This eliminates waste from the use of disposable pipettes and minimizes plastic usage.

Whenever possible, we repurpose household items like clothespins, pens, and rubber bands instead of purchasing wick holders to hold wicks in place while pouring.


What goes around comes around.

Residual from incoming shipments is reused in home or disposed of properly. We work with our community to minimize our contributions to landfills.

Our scent labels are printed on 100% recycled paper. This is both good for the environment and gives our labels the feel of a well-loved book.

If for any reason you don’t want to reuse them, our glass jars can be recycled. One way or the other, together we can ensure Mother Nature gets the respect she so deserves.

Alternatively, you can return used Kill Your Darlings glass jars during our local pick-up hours. We’ll recycle them for use in future product testing.

It’s worth mentioning again: our packaging arrives in our home having already been recycled, and it can be recycled once again after it has safely delivered your candles.


We respect the earth, our bodies, and our community.

We use no dyes in our candles. This keeps harmful chemicals from your lungs.

Our fragrances are free of phthalates.

Cotton wicks mean no lead or zinc.

Soy candles burn cleaner. This means no unseemly soot on your walls or in your lungs.

We want our suppliers and partners to share our values. We strive to ensure our supply chain believes in sustainability, community, and creativity as much as we do.

Evergreen, now and forevermore.

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