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For every notebook sold, we plant one tree with help from

Keep your light safe.

You stir in the middle of the night. An idea strikes! You assure yourself you’ll remember come morning, but when the sun rises…

This is but one of the all-too-familiar nightmares brainstorming writers everywhere know too well. But no longer!

With this KYD Lightsaver Notebook – Matchstick Design, your ability to brainstorm is but an arm’s length away. Use it to outline, to plot, to ruminate, to write love letters to your book boyfriendβ€”we’re not going to get in your way.

No matter how you use it, your KYD Lightsaver Notebook will keep your light safe until you’re ready to share it with the world.

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KYD Lightsaver Notebooks ship direct from the manufacturer. Additional shipping charges may apply.

Dimensions of KYD Lightsaver Notebooks are 5.99″ by 8″. KYD Lightsaver Notebook features 118 pages of lined paper.

As these ship direct from manufacturer, shipping times may vary, but will generally arrive within two weeks of order receipt.

This item is available for shipment to addresses within the United States.

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