Frequently Asked Questions

History, Orders, and Opportunities FAQs

Why “Kill Your Darlings?”

Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet? Sure, but we didn’t want just any other name for our candle company. Learn more about the history of the Kill Your Darlings expression and why we chose it for our namesake.

Does Kill Your Darlings offer candle subscription boxes?

We look forward to offering subscription boxes in the future. For updates, be sure to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media.

I’m an author with a book out soon. Will KYD make custom candles for me?

First, congratulations and happy forthcoming book birthday! Second, yes, we do offer custom candle creation through our author spotlight program. If you’d like to learn more about this program, please let us know through our contact page.

Why can I only order twenty candles at a time?

We’re delighted to fill orders for twenty-one or more candles, but due to our current production and shipping capacity, we limit the quantity available for purchase at one time through our web store. Let us know if you’d like us to craft twenty-one or more candles for you on an individual order; we’re happy to work with you to make this happen.

Will KYD provide candles for my event? We’re talking about a lot of candles here…

We’re thrilled you’re considering us for your event, and we’d like to discuss the possibility with you. Reach out with details about your forthcoming extravaganza and we’ll be in touch soon.

I’m outside the United States. Will KYD ship me candles?

Yes! Candle lovers in Canada and the United Kingdom can currently order directly from our online store. Customers in the U.K. be advised, however: customs duties and other import fees may apply at the time of your order’s arrival. These duties and fees are the customer’s responsibility.

If you’re outside the United States, Canada, or the United Kingdom, reach out to us here to see if we’re able to ship to your country.

How can I recommend a writing-related non-profit, library, literacy organization, indie bookstore, or progress-minded press to become a KYD-supported entity?

First, thanks for all you do to serve the writing and reading community. To be considered as a community partner or beneficiary, share more with us about your organization.

Candle and Core Values FAQs

Why does KYD use soy wax?

There are a thousand reasons and one why we use soy wax, some of which include its status as a renewable resource, its low-soot emission, its cost-effectiveness, and, critically, its non-toxicityβ€”unlike some other waxes. Read more about why we went with soy.

Why does KYD use cotton wicks?

Cotton, like soy, is a renewable resource, and cotton wicks offer a cleaner burn when compared to alternatives. These are but two of the reasons why we use cotton wicks, and you can read more about our choice to use them here.

Why does my soy wax look pitted or have tunnels in it?

We’re not software developers, but we’ll still encourage you to think of them this way: they’re features, not bugs. The short answer is that its a feature of soy wax and a sign our candles were hand-poured in small batch sizes in our home. The long answer? Well…

Can I recycle my KYD glass jars?

You sure can. To reuse them in home, freeze the jar with any remaining wax inside for an hour. Then, remove the jar from the freezer and any remaining wax from the jar before washing the jar out with soap and hot water. And voila! You’ve got a new jar you can use at home or send to your local recycling center.

I love Kill Your Darlings Candles. Can I interview you?