Trust Yourself. Trust In Us.

The blank page has a knack for intimidation. It’s only by trusting ourselves, by embracing our creativity that we overcome.

Candlecraft may not entail squaring off against the blank page, but we have our own dragons to slay. In the same way you have to trust yourself to innovate, we do the same with our candles, all in the interest of keeping our process as creative as you keep yours.

Trust Yourself.

Only you know how to write your story, but we’ll be there to help.

Sometimes we need that extra push, that reassurance we’re not truly alone in our creative endeavors. If you’re ever in doubt, know thisโ€”

So long as our candles burn at your side, your creativity can burn through you.

You’ve got this. You always have, but now Kill Your Darlings Candles will help you light the way.

Trust In Us.

Innovation: always burning bright.

We’re always on the lookout for unique ways to keep our operations sustainable, to support the communities we reach, and to keep our candle offerings beyond comparison.

Here’s some of how we’re pouring creativity into our every candle.

Our monthly candle rotation ensures there’s always something new on the horizon, and we maintain diversity by keeping writers and readers of distinct genres in mind when choosing which candles to feature next.

Our every candle is named for a storytelling mechanic or with raconteurish flair. You and your passion are our focus with every scent we develop.

What we’ll think of next is anyone’s guess, but we have a feeling you’ll love it.

Boxes are for candles, not your creativity.

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