Who We Are

Sustainability. Community. Creativity.

We live these principles at every stage of the candle making process.

They’re not just what we do; they’re who we are.


From wax to wick to box and beyond, sustainability is the centerpiece of our operations. Our candles are soy, our wicks, cottonβ€”both of which are renewable resources. What’s more, our packaging is 100% post-consumer and biodegradable.

Sustainability: it’s more than hugging trees.


You need not write alone. Let Kill Your Darlings kindle your creativity and cultivate a sense of community as you write, revise, and ruminate. This, plus our dedication to libraries, literacy organizations, independent bookstores, progress-minded presses, and writing guilds are just two of the ways we embody community mindfulness.

Community: the world burns through us.


With our rotating family of scents and the writerly wit that accompanies them, creativity is the cornerstone of our candlecraft. At Kill Your Darlings Candle Company, we venture to cast light into corners once thought lost to darkness.

Creativity: dream the undreamable.

Meet the team behind Kill Your Darlings Candle Company.

Shine sustainably. Together. Creatively.