Sleep Tight! It’s Time for a Hibernation Sale!

Sine opening in July, we’ve added nine unique scents to our catalog of candles for the wordsmiths of the world. To make room for a new slate of candles in 2021, however, Dramatic Irony and Happily Ever will soon enter hibernation.

Does this mean those candles are going away? As in, forever?

Yes, but also no. These candles are going away, but they’ll be back soon. We want our selection to be as dynamic and creative as the candle lovers we serve, which is why, starting with Dramatic Irony and Happily Ever after, you’ll begin to see candles rotating out of our lineup as others rotate in.

It’s one of the ways we keep creativity at the core of our operations, remember, and the good news is this just means more new candles!

Didn’t you say something about a sale?

We did! To bid Happily Ever After and Dramatic Irony a restful hibernation, we’re offering 15% off these candles while supplies last.

We’ve got some of both on the shelf right now, so you know what to do.

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