Unscented! Low Impact! Blank Page is Here!

Kill Your Darlings Candle Company is thrilled to unveil its Blank Page candle.

Use your imagination.

This may seem like a snarky tagline for an unscented soy wax candle, but for us, “use your imagination” means more than one might think.

Imagine, if you would, the possibilities that await when you stare down the blank page. Now imagine a candle that complements the blank page itself, the potential that page holds.

This is precisely what we’ve achieved with this candle and its 100% recycled paper label, its recyclable aluminum lid, and its soy wax body.

Not only is this the perfect candle for the scent averse or sustainability-minded, it’s the ideal guiding light to warm you as you breathe life into the possibilities held by the blank page.

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