Be Enchanted! Our Newest Candle Is Here To Inspire

Kill Your Darlings Candle Company is proud to announce its first-ever author spotlight collaboration candle. We’ve teamed up with author Valerie Biel to create a candle for her Circle of Nine series. Learn more and shop below!

Enchantments of Beltany.

The ancient stone circles of Ireland. Fields of green and woods of magic and moss. These are the enchantments of Beltany, the enchantments of the Circle of Nine.

For the first-ever candle in our author spotlight series, we’re shining a light on the award-winning series of that very name by author Valerie Biel.

With scents of white sage, the serenity of lavender, and the sweet strength of cedar, this candle is all part of the harmony that is the Circle of Nine.

Learn more about the author and this series on her website.

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