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Our candles are now illuminating readers’ and writers’ paths to the page in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. And judging by the reviews they’ve left on our candles so far, it seems they’re loving our every scent!

Super sweet, cozy scent! Partly maple, partly pumpkin, all fall. Smells nice both solid and while burning, and the scent travels super well. Keeps a small room sweet-scented for days!

– Meg Dailey, about Chosen One

The cinder and musk blend together into that cozy scent that floats around you when you hug your favorite aunt and she’s wearing that perfume she’s always had since her youth. Not old, but familiar and comforting. Now, imagine she’s a suspect in the novel you’ll reading and boom. There’s your dramatic irony.

– Jaime Dill, about Dramatic Irony

We’re grateful for reviews like these from Jaime and Meg, but now it’s your turn. If you’ve lit and loved any one of Kill Your Darlings Candle Company’s signature or seasonal scents, leave us a review in our online store!

So how can you leave a review? Watch the video below before visiting our online store and leaving a review of your own.

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