Labor Leader Spotlight: Esther Eggertsen Peterson

Happy Labor Day!

This is the last day for our 8-8-8 Sale, but we’re not going quietly. No, today we’re celebrating labor leader and consumer advocate Esther Eggertsen Peterson.

Peterson’s footprint in the realm of labor rights and consumer advocacy is truly extraordinary. Over the course of her lifetime, Peterson fought for the inclusion of “sell before” labels on food products and demanded truth in advertising.

As a result of her efforts, advertisers are required to prove claims they make about their product’s benefits, which ushered in increased accountability for those who might otherwise manipulate or exaggerate the benefits their products provide.

Peterson was also on the frontlines of the Heartbreakers Strike and, perhaps most famously, fought tirelessly to make “equal pay for equal work” a legal requirement.

There is, of course, much more work to be done, but we’re thankful for the efforts of Esther Eggersten Peterson. To celebrate her life and the work of labor advocates everywhere, we’re offering eight percent off our entire catalog, along with eight-percent donations to the pro-labor press, Haymarket Books, when you choose them at checkout.

Why eight percent? It’s all in honor of the eight hour workday, which was fought for during the Haymarket Affair, from which Haymarket Books takes its name.

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