Labor Leader Spotlight: César Chávez

There are only three days left in our 8-8-8 Sale, but we’re still using the days that remain to highlight labor and justice leaders.

Today, we’re examining César Chávez, a community organizer and labor activist.

Chávez got his start in activism by working for the Community Service Organization, after which he would go on to found the National Farm Workers Association. In the mid-sixties, he coordinated the Delano Grape Strike in response to protest for higher wages. He would later go on to advocate on behalf of laborers in the Salinas Lettuce Strike.

We’re grateful for the courage and dedication of individuals like César Chávez, and to say thanks, we’re offering eight percent off our entire catalog and eight percent donations to Haymarket Books when you choose them at check-outall in the name of the eight hour work day.

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