Labor Leader Spotlight: Eve L. Ewing

We’ve made it to day five of our 8-8-8 Sale, and today we’re celebrating another Haymarket Books author, Eve L. Ewing!

Eve L. Ewing is the author of titles including Electric Arches, Ghosts in the Schoolyard, and 1919, which are, per the Haymarket site, “poetic reflections on race, class, violence, segregation, and the hidden histories that shape our divided urban landscapes.”

Aside from her work as an author and poet, Eve is also a sociologist and visual artist. We’re thankful for Ewing’s work and for that of the publisher of 1919, Haymarket Books. That’s why we’re happy to contribute 8% of your order’s subtotal when you choose Haymarket as your order’s beneficiary at check-out.

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