Introducing Chosen One

Prophecy tells ofย a chosen one, destined to return every yearย when the temperature dips, when leaves drift downward, when sandals and shirts are traded for socks and sweaters.

This savior of the season is ridiculed by some, but whatโ€™s not to love? An infusion of pumpkin spice breathes life into any room, and hints of custardmaple, and brown sugar induce a sweet solace we would be lucky to savor year-round.

So relish the richness of the season while it lasts; the winds of winter will be here soon, and with them, our chosen one withers.

Kill Your Darlings Candle Company is delighted to offer Chosen One, our first-ever seasonal selection, beginning September 1st. Not only is this candle the first of our seasonal offerings, we’re only making 50 of them available.

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