Announcing the Share Your Light Recycling Program!

For Kill Your Darlings Candle Company, sustainability is paramount. From wick to wax to box and beyond, it’s our goal to ensure our business practices are as sustainable as possible.

That’s why we’re happy to announce our Share Your Light Recycling Program!

Effective immediately, our local pickup customers can return glass jars from past orders and receive discounts on future candle orders.

So how does it work?

First, you buy candles from our online store and choose local pickup at check-out (assuming, of course, you can pick up your candles during our local pickup hours).

Then, you take your candles home! Once they’ve reached the end of their lives, you return the jars in which you received them.

For every one of our jars you return during our local pickup hours, you’ll receive a unique discount code one dollar off your next purchase, and these discount codes are cumulative!

That’s right, you can use up to five of these discount codes on a single order to take up to five dollars off.

Why participate?

Aside from earning yourself up to five dollars off a single order, you’ll be helping our operations become even more sustainable. By returning your KYD candle jars to us once the candles within have completed their burns, you’ll help us save on the resources required to produce more jars and to have them shipped to us.

What happens with the jars once they’ve been returned?

Once you’ve returned your KYD candle jars during our local pickup hours, we’ll take them home, wash them, dry them, and reintroduce them to the wild on future orders.

Now that’s what we call sharing your light.

So if you’re a local pickup customer, plan on returning your jars to us to further our sustainability efforts and to earn yourself discount codes for future orders.

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