“What’s the R on my jar?”

Sustainability is a mission we live with every candle we craft.

Candle lovers see this in our custom-fit, 100% post-consumer packaging. They see it in our use of soy wax and cotton wicks. They see it during our local pickup hours that help us cut down on fuel consumption and shipping costs.

And now theyโ€”youโ€”can see it in the R on your jar.

When you receive your candles, you might notice a sticker with an R on the bottom of your jar. If you’re among those who receives a jar with one of this stickers, you’ll know this jar has been recycled after use in our own home for candle testing, or after another customer returned it as part of our Share Your Light jar recycling program.

By reusing these jars, weโ€”and youโ€”are doing our part to minimize consumption and keep our candlecraft as sustainable as possible.

So take pride! That R on your jar is more than just a sticker; it’s an indication of the good work we’re doing together.

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