Sustainability: Branching Out

We’ve been pretty open—borderline braggadocious—about our dedication to sustainably illuminating the lives of readers, writers, and their communities.

So why, then, did you receive your candles in a USPS Priority Mail envelope? Is that not extra shipping material? Wasn’t our whole thing that we were excited about our custom-fit boxes?

Good questions. Let’s explore.

We’ll start here: yes, those USPS envelopes are extra material, and they’re material that our original vision for shipping did not include.

But, after consulting with the lovely folks at our local post office and carefully considering the implications of their recommendations, we’ve elected to send orders of one, two, and three candles in these Priority Mail envelopes, and with good reason.

Shipping with these envelopes means—

More Predictable Shipping Costs

By using Priority Mail envelopes, we know precisely, in advance, what shipping will cost on every order. As a result, we can more accurately charge shipping when you check-out via our online store.

In fact, our ability to offer flat-rate shipping is a direct result of this transition to using Priority Mail envelopes.


Though confident our custom-fit boxes will keep your candles safe, the inclusion of these envelopes will add an additional layer of protection that 100% post-consumer, biodegradable cardboard cannot: waterproofing.

Occasionally, the size of your candle order may not fit in your mailbox. As a result, your letter carrier may leave your delivery on, say, your front porch. Were it to rain, snow, or sleet, we’d hate to see your candles finally make it into your hands in a soggy box. That’s no fun. Not at all.

The interior of Priority Mail envelopes are also bubbled, which means extra padding, just in case. Just. In. Case.


It may seem unusual to pitch the move to include extra packaging as an act of sustainability, but hear us out.

When taking a bird’s eye view of our approach to sustainability—including at the wax, wick, and jar level—we remain confident our practices still have us as close to the cutting edge of the industry as is reasonable.

And reasonable is, in the world of small business, critically important. After all, we can’t produce candles sustainably if we fail to embrace financial sustainability as well.

In simplifying the shipping process, we’re streamlining our operations and saving you, and us, more than a few dollars per order.

Anything else we should know about?

That covers it for now (for today, anyway), but stay tuned: we’re actively working to shore up our supply chain in a way that will reduce our use of plastic in every candle we make.

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