Bon Voyage! We’re Shipping Early (Kind Of)

Flexibility is imperative in the world of small business, and with flexibility in mind, we’ve made the decision to ship some of our preorders earlier than advertised!

Why We’re Doing This

We’re shipping some orders on Tuesday, July 28th for a few reasons.

First of all, you deserve it. After all of the incredible support you’ve shown us since we opened on July 15th, to hold onto candles longer than necessary seems, well, unnecessary!

Secondly, your overwhelming response to our preorder window meant we quickly ran out of storage space for all of your candles, especially once boxed up.

Which Orders Are Shipping

Today, we’re shipping only a subset of orders destined for Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan.

Why Those States

We’re based in Wisconsin, and we want to ensure any order we ship this week will reach its destination on or before Saturday. This will keep orders from spending the weekend in potentially hot warehouses, which could lead to a candle’s wax melting (or at least getting runny) prior to arrival.

Wait. That happens?!

It does! And how do we know? We tested for it.

Part of our product testing included leaving candles in one of our cars and then parking that car outside in the sun all weekend. We ran this test when the temperature was going to be above 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside the car, so we can only imagine how hot it got inside the vehicle.

I live way outside the Wisconsin, Illinois, and Michigan area. Will my candles arrive melted?

Good news! Part of our aforementioned test included using two different types of soy wax. One held up significantly better than the other, and, at that point, we completely cut the poorer-performing wax from our candle-making.

Beginning the first week of August and every week thereafter, we’ll be shipping on Mondays to minimize the possibility that any of our candles spend the weekend in a warehouse somewhere. This, coupled with this better-performing wax, should prevent your candle’s wax from arriving melted or runny.

I live in Wisconsin, Illinois, or Michigan and ordered candles already. Does that mean my candles are on their way now?

Like we mentioned earlier, only a subset of orders headed for those states will ship today. If your candles are among those orders, you’ll receive an email from us (if you haven’t already) that includes your order’s tracking information.

Are you still on track to ship every other order during the first week of August?

All orders received between July 15th and July 26th are on track to ship during the first week of August. Due to incoming supply chain challenges, however, any order received on or after July 27th will ship during the second week of August.

I haven’t ordered yet, but I want to. Can I still take 20% off?

You can! Or, well, you can if you order on or before July 31st, 2020.

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