Around the Block: Haymarket Books

We’re building a community here at Kill Your Darlings Candle Company, one to which we contribute financially at your direction when you check out on our online store.

Throughout our preorder window, we’ll be introducing you to the organizations to which you can instruct us to contribute 10% of your order subtotal (or 5% once the window closes).

So let’s meet one of these organizations, Haymarket Books!

According to their website,

Haymarket Books is a radical, independent, nonprofit book publisher based in Chicago, a project of the Center for Economic Research and Social Change.

Our mission is to publish books that contribute to struggles for social and economic justice. We strive to make our books a vibrant and organic part of social movements and the education and development of a critical, engaged, international left.

We take inspiration and courage from our namesakes, the Haymarket Martyrs, who gave their lives fighting for a better world. Their 1886 struggle for the eight-hour day – which gave us May Day, the international workers’ holiday – reminds workers around the world that ordinary people can organize and struggle for their own liberation. These struggles continue today across the globe—struggles against oppression, exploitation, poverty, and war.

Haymarket Books Website

Since 2001, Haymarket Books has published more than 500 titles form authors including Rebecca Solnit, Noam Chomsky, and Howard Zinn.

At Kill Your Darlings Candle Company, we’re proud to back organizations like Haymarket Books, which publishes exceedingly important progress-minded literature.

But we can only offer that support with your help.

Our fledgling operation and great organizations like Haymarket Books would be grateful for your contributions.

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