You’ve Blown Us Away (But Not Out!)

We think we’re gonna need a bigger boat.

Well, not boat, maybe, but jars. More jars. And wicks and wax and fragrance oil and…

The point is this: your support on the very first day of our preorder window absolutely blew us out of the water (or, perhaps more aptly, the wax).

In just the first twenty-four hours of our store opening, we sold more than 65 candles and raised more than 80 dollars for community beneficiaries like:

  • The Madison Public Library Foundation
  • Coffee House Writers Project
  • Lambda Literary
  • WriteHive
  • We Need Diverse Books

So thank you. Really. That we need to order more supplies because we underestimated demand is a great problem to have.

If you ordered on July 15th, we’ll still be shipping during the first week of August. Or, if you chose local pickup, we’ll confirm when your candles are ready during that first week of August.

Again, thank you. Shine on and burn bright.

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