Meet our Debut Scents!

With our preorder window now open, it’s also time to share additional details about our debut scents! 

First, we have Kill Your Darlings, our original scent. With bold undertones of vanilla and cherry, this candle appeals to the bravery required to fulfill one’s writerly duty and, if you love it, let it go.

Kill Your Darlings also features merlot—liquid courage—to round out the scent, along with a tease of something sweet. 

We’re really thrilled with this candle, and we’re sure you will be, too.

Then, of course, we have our Happily Ever After! This scent is inspired by the crossing of paths, the aligning of stars, and two souls who find themselves through each other before growing together as one. 

And the fragrances that support this scent—rose, sandalwood, and jasmine—are yes, strong on their own, but they’re stronger when they’re together, just like the couples at the end of our favorite capital-R romances.

The third of our debut scents is Dramatic Irony.

Dramatic irony is best described as an overwhelming feeling of inevitability that arises when readers can only watch as their favorite character steps into traps unseen or fails to anticipate some forthcoming triumph.

This striking scent is imbued with that sensation, emboldened by fragrances like patchouli, musk, and cinder.

Our Dramatic Irony candle is sure to leave you feeling as bold as it smells, and we don’t know about you, but we could always use a little extra boldness when taking on the blank page.

Come and Get It!

All of our scents are now available in eight ounce glass jars, which are, again, 20% off during the preorder window.

So visit our store before July 31st and place your preorder to take advantage of this generous discount while doubling your donation to one of the community organizations with which we’ve partnered.

Until next time, shine on and burn bright.

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