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Indie Bookstores. Writerly Resources. Libraries.

We share our success with organizations like these in the form of direct financial contributions, and we do it with your help. With every purchase you make on our site, you choose the organization to which you’d like us to donate a percentage of that sale’s proceeds.

Indie Bookstore and Bookish Beneficiaries

Maybe it’s the blend of old and new book smell. Perhaps it’s the smiling faces, the camaraderie offered by your local book club or the weekly author events. Whatever the reasons why you love your community bookstore, we’re happy to support them and those whose books reach their shelves because we support readers, writers, and their local communities.

We look forward to sharing our light with the below progress-minded indie-supporting organizations and presses.

Writerly Resources

Whether in the form of beta readers, critique partners, seminars, or self-guided instruction, writers seek the advice and insight of trusted voices in their communities, and we want those communities to grow.

It’s our privilege to partner with or donate to the below writing-focused non-profits.

Libraries and Literacy

Libraries are the lifeblood of their communities, and the people who work and volunteer for them inspire and encourage readers and writers of all stripes. To say thanks, we’re thrilled to contribute to these library and literacy-supporting organizations.

At Kill Your Darlings, we know we’re better together, and we thank you for helping us fulfill that mission.

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