Preorder Window and Scent Reveals!

The site is live, and we’re back with an exciting announcement! 

Today we unveil the dates for our candle preorder window, as well as the names of our first three candle scents.

Preorder Window

We’re thrilled to announce you can officially begin welcoming Kill Your Darlings Candle Company into your creative endeavors on July 15th! The preorder window will then remain open through July 31st, with all orders placed during the preorder window shipping throughout the first week of August.

Our Debut Scents

The very first of the scents we’re making available on July 15th is none other than our original candle, the aptly named Kill Your Darlings! Our second inaugural scent will be Happily Ever After, with one of our personal favorites, Dramatic Irony, rounding out the candles we’ll make available during our preorder window.

Naturally, one might wonder what any of these will smell like. That’s a great question, and we’d like to ask it of you now.

So what do you think? In the comments, share your guesses at what Kill Your Darlings, Happily Ever After, and Dramatic Irony will smell like. We’ll respond and let you know whether you’re ice cold or wick hot!

More to Come

We’ll be back soon with our public confirmation of what our debut scents smell like. In the meantime, be sure to visit to sign up for our newsletter so you never miss an announcement–or a coupon code!

Until we meet again, shine on and burn bright!

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